The Church of the Brethren Annual Conference was held June 28 – July 2 in Grand Rapids, MI. This year’s theme was based on Hebrews 10:23 urging us to hold fast to our hope in Jesus Christ. The Annual Conference exists to unite, strengthen and equip the Church of the Brethren to follow Jesus. For over 250 years, Brethren have gathered together regularly to worship together, to discuss questions of faith, and to be reacquainted with believers across the country. The first official meeting of this type was in 1742 when Brethren met to reaffirm their unique identity. Annual Conference is the highest and final legislative authority in the Church of the Brethren, including all matters of procedure, program, polity, and discipline. The authority of Conference has its source in the delegates elected by local congregations and districts, who come together as a deliberative body under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We pray for all those returning home from Annual Conference, that they will carry the warmth of community and the fire of commitment back to their congregations. More information about the results of this year’s Annual Conference business is available through the Church of the Brethren.

Welcome to Grand Rapids!

Quilts are laid out at Annual Conference


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