Mary, one of the CDS volunteers at work in Texas shelters, holds a baby at the Harland Clark “mega shelter.” Photo by Pat Krabacher

Our hearts go out to the people across the southern US devastated by the two recent hurricanes. Challenged by the Biblical mandate to “carry each other’s burdens,” the Church of the Brethren traditionally has been involved in the relief of suffering, whether caused by war, strife or natural disaster. That tradition continues as twelve volunteers from Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) have traveled to San Antonio to provide comfort to children and families affected by hurricane Harvey. Dozens more volunteers will follow as this will be the largest response in a decade for CDS. More on Brethren Disaster Ministries.

Donate here to fund relief efforts.

If you cannot donate, please pray! Pray for the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana and Hurricane Irma in Florida and Caribbean. May God comfort those who mourn, those who are injured, and those who have lost their homes. Pray for strength and safety for all the workers and volunteers giving aid to others. Pray that giving may be generous, swift, and beneficial. Pray for wisdom in relief and recovery efforts.

May we also extend our hearts and prayers to the millions of people affected by weeks of severe flooding in south Asia. More than 1,200 people have died in the storms, and the death toll is expected to rise due to disease and food insecurity. The United Nations estimates that more than 41 million people are affected with loss of home, possessions, and livelihood. One third of Bangladesh is reportedly under water. Pray for an easing to the flooding. Pray for comfort and healing. Pray for survival and recovery. Pray for generosity and wisdom.


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