Vacation Bible School

This summer, August 1st to 5th, we were blessed with 38 children who attended God’s Big Backyard.  We learned each day what it means to be in service to each other.

On Monday, we learned that Miriam SERVED her FAMILY by taking care of her brother Moses. She hid in the tall grass as she watched over him and spoke up at just the right time. A pot of grass reminded us of the secret hiding place where Miriam watched and waited.  If you watch, I’m sure God will show you many, many opportunities to SERVE your FAMILY in love each day.

On Tuesday, we learned about four men who SERVED their FRIEND by taking him to Jesus to be healed.  They went through a lot of trouble to get him there!  A hammock reminded us of the man who couldn’t walk and how his friends carried him on a mat that was a lot like this hammock.  Always remember that the best way to SERVE your FRIENDS is by bringing them to meet Jesus.

On Wednesday, we learned about a story Jesus told about how to SERVE our NEIGHBORS.  In Jesus’ story, the priest and a Levite walked past a wounded man leaving him alone and hurt.  Each day, you will meet people who are alone and hurt. Be a true neighbor and give them your time, your kindness, and Jesus’ love.  A  tarp reminded us of the shelter that the Good Samaritan offered the hurt man.  Every day, God gives you opportunities to SERVE your NEIGHBORS by offering them shelter in some loving way.

On Thursday, we had some real excitement! You know that tax collector, Zacchaeus?  He was here at Bible School collecting all kinds of greedy taxes—more than he was due! He roamed from room to room taking materials, possessions, and even some of our offering money.  But thankfully Jesus also visited us and Zacchaeus learned to SERVE the COMMUNITY by returning everything he had taken plus four times the amount!  A tree branch reminded us of the spot that Zacchaeus watched and waited for Jesus.  If you watch and wait, I’m sure God will show you many, many opportunities to SERVE your COMMUNITY in love each day.

Friday, came so very quickly! We learned how to SERVE the WORLD and SERVE JESUS!  We learned what it meant to be blessed.  We read Psalm 104 where there are so many things God blessed creation with…like springs, streams, mountains.  And wild animals and crops and trees and birds… there are so many!  A globe reminded us of the many blessings of the earth.  If you take time to bless the world and each other with your attention, I’m sure God will show you many ways to SERVE the WORLD and SERVE JESUS!

In addition to Worship, Bible Club, and Music and Movement, we enjoyed Snack, Crafts, Recreation and Missions time!  This year our mission project is Habitat for Humanity…

We would also like for you to know that the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars that were collected this week in our wheelbarrow reached $150.54! That’s enough for Habitat for Humanity to purchase 1 front door to a house, or 15 hammers for construction!    Our children will continue to raise money for 1 year for Habitat for Humanity in our weekly offering. The children invite you to be a part of this offering project by collecting coins to share with us, or by writing a check and placing Children’s Offering on the memo line and placing that in the offering plate.
Thank you to all the many volunteers and folks who donated materials and funds to make VBS another huge success this year.


Debbie Seidel

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