Christian Education Committee

Our Christian Education Committee oversees the adult and children’s Sunday School program, Children’s Church and the Nursery, Vacation Bible School and most of the activities for children and youth. This committee supports or provides additional educational experiences and training sessions and is assisted by the Pastor and by the part-time Children’s Ministry Coordinator. The committee relies heavily on the participation of all members of the congregation for financial support, volunteer time, and providing a patient and welcoming environment where all can grow and learn in a Christian family.

Ways to help and be a part of the work of the committee:

  • Nursery worker, Children’s Church helper
  • VacationBibleSchool volunteer and/or committee member
  • Childcare provider for meetings
  • National Youth Conference Fundraising Coordinator
  • Sunday School Teacher or Substitute Sunday School Teacher
  • Organize a specific event:
    • Teacher Appreciation
    • Talent Show
    • Children’s Activity
    • Youth or Jr. High event
    • Parenting Workshop
    • Librarian or Library set-up
  • Storage Organizer
  • Continue to encourage and empower those folks working with the children of the church.
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