Church Board

The Church Board meets to share, discuss, and even debate the business of the church, our vision, and God’s call for our congregation.

Simply, Peacefully, Together. This is the Church of the Brethren’s tag line for describing who and what the Church of the Brethren are. In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it’s often difficult to make these three  ideals come alive. The church board is a group of individuals that are representatives from the committees who meet together to share, discuss, and even debate the business of the church, our vision, and God’s call for our congregation.

The committees of the church that are represented on the church board are aligned around the functions of the church and congregation.

  • The Action/Reflection Committee strives to identify and listen to what is important to our congregation and lead us in areas of prayer, peace, mission, and community outreach.
  • Our Christian Education Committee oversees the adult and children’s Sunday School program, Children’s Church and the Nursery, Vacation Bible School and most of the activities for children and youth.
  • The Fellowship Committee nurtures the congregation by providing time and opportunities to be together in family and faith-friendly ways.
  • Our Deacons are an integral part of the Oakton community and provide a variety of caregiving functions to the church such as greeting congregants each Sunday, planning and carrying out Love Feasts, providing care to those who are ill, in financial need, or have lost loved ones.
  • The Worship and Music Committee works to make our worship together on Sundays a meaningful and faith-filled experience by working with the pastor and minister of music in planning worship and making the sanctuary an inviting and reverent place.
  • The Property Committee ensures that the church building and grounds are maintained and makes decisions about projects such as repairs, painting, replacement furnishings, etc. This committee also makes recommendations and decisions about the use of the building, including rental to outside groups and the fees that are charged. The Church Board is the “Together” of all these committees – the place where these committees each send one representative to share their goals, events, ideas, and requests.

In addition to the committee representatives, there is a Board Chair, a Vice Chair, the Clerk, the Moderator, the Pastor, and the Treasurer who are part of the board. We meet together on the third Wednesday of each month, opening with a devotion and prayer that each board member takes a turn preparing. Reports are given by the clerk, the pastor, and the treasurer. Committees report and share their business, and bring issues forward which need Board approval.

The work of the church is done by the committees, sub-committees, and individuals who volunteer their time – the Church Board just helps it all come Together.

Learn more about deacons and church committees:

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