The Deacons

The Deacons are an integral part of the Oakton community and provide a variety of care-giving functions to the church. Biblically, the Greek word for “waiters” (like at a restaurant) is used to describe those who are called out to serve the church in special ways such as:

  • Planning and carrying out Love Feasts
  • Providing care-giving for those who have special needs including financial aid
  • Providing fellowship meals following funerals and memorial services for the affected families and friends
  • Greeting those who come to Sunday church services
  • Other support functions

The Deacons would welcome volunteers from the church community to assist them in carrying out their roles in Sunday morning greeting, helping with Love Feasts, and visitations.

The deacons oversee the support and calling of persons toward ministry. Currently we have three members who are involved in seminary training or ordained ministry in other churches. Learn more here.

Contact Mark Wilkerson (Deacon Chair) or Bob Seidel (Deacon Vice-Chair) or email

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